With the wan moon overhead there stood, as in an awful dream, the army of the dead.

Greetings, and welcome to Indwell, a small collective dedicated to the role playing game Vagrant Story. I'm your webmiss, Alicia.

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An army of phantoms vast and wan beleaguer the human soul.

I remember when Vagrant Story first came out for PSX. I didn't get the story line, the main character's butt was exposed. I thought it'd be a total waste of time, so I never bothered it. I rocked out on FFVII and went about my high school life...

I modded my PSP this year, and decided to play some PSX and PS2 games, and this is where I downloaded the Vagrant Story iso. The graphics aren't as top notched as I've been accustomed to, but then again I'm an 80s baby. I grew up playing Atari and NES, so story is way more important that graphics. And boy, does VS have a story. I played the whole game through in a weekend.

I never thought I'd come across a game that was serious competition to FFVII, but Vagrant Story is it. It's just that good, all the twist and turns, and even my worst nightmare, the undead. Romance, betrayal, an open kind of ending, a question that is never answered (well actually quite a few)... Vagrant Story has it all. In the beginning I hated Sydney and by the end I was crying for him. Talk about emotional rollercoaster.

I have collective dedicated to my other favorites: Magna Carta, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, Crisis Core FFVII. So this will be the home of my small dedications to Vagrant Story. I chose the word Indwell for two reasons. The word means to inhabit, to abide within, to possess- all these words befitting of Lea Monde. Secondly, when you say it, it sounds a little like end well, which also describes how the game ends with the Dark's new successor, someonw who isn't corrupt and greedy.


Upon its midnight battle-ground the spectral camp is seen

I'm just starting this collective (Sept 20, 09) so there isn't much to see just yet. But believe me, there's more to come.


Peripatetic ❧ the TFL approved Vagrant Story FL.


The midnight phantoms feel the spell the shadows sweep away.

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Faith shineth as a morning star our ghastly fears are dead.

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